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5 Reasons of Why Choosing Amcare Makeup Brush Factory ?

1. Masterful Craftmanship
Every single brushes we producing is totally handmade by traditional techniques, passing a complete manufacturing process with a minimum of 30 working steps. 
2. Creative Innovation 
Our R&D department dedicated to design and create new brushes according to the trendings, yet make them functional and practical at the same time. 
3. Strict QC
Implementing a strict quality control through a demanding supply chain to finished products, which guarantees a very high level of quality on key components (hair, fiber, ferrules, handles).
      Each part of components receive IQC one by one when get in place in our warehouse
          not start manufacturing process until all the components approved
                          IPQC implemented during the whole process
                          Overall FQC for finished brushes before packing
                                             OQC before shipping 
4. Package
To enhance the products value, we also provide packaging solution from PVC/PET box, cardboard box to professional MUA belt, pouch/roller,etc. 
5. Efficient Service
We understand how significant it is for our customers to respect timing schedules and to have the products delivered on time. You can always count on us so as to explore and dominate your local marketshare piror to your competitors.